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PGE GiEK Rybnik Power Plant

Equipment inventory. System implementation. Number of devices: 5000.

PGE Energia Ciepła

Inspector-Ex: equipment inventory; system implementation and operation; installations: carbonising, biomass, fire protection, H2; number of devices: 15 000; two-way data exchange with SAP.

Methanol Terminal in Szczecin, Poland

Modernisation of a fire protection system at the methanol terminal in Szczecin. A detailed design. Relocation and start-up of water and foam monitors. Supply of a water and foam monitors control system. Supply, installation and start-up of a CCTV system supervising the quay and the operation of monitors on the basis of cameras for fire detection. Modernisation and relocation of the existing fire protection pump house.

Gaseous fire suppression

Comprehensive fire protection solutions in an aluminium powders manufacturing facility. Fire detection and signalling systems. Gaseous fire suppression using argon. Gas detection systems. Suction gas detection systems for monitoring oxygen levels.

Fire suppression systems in a power plant

Water fire suppression system and a sprinkler system for a new power plant unit. More than 9000 m of pipes and more than 500 tons of steel. VDS standard.