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TSCom – safety systems integration

TSCom® is a system developed by Automatic Systems Engineering Sp. z o. o. that is a platform for integrating safety systems at an industrial facility. The aim of TSCom® is to guarantee the highest level of safety and reduce the risk of a failure or an accident, as well as mitigate any potential consequences of such.


TSCom® system variants
TSCom ES Energy Sector is the system version intended for industrial plants, such as power plants, heat and power plants and mines.
TSCom OG Oil & Gas Sector is a version of the system intended for fuel depots, refineries, delivery lines stations.
TSCom MS Manufacturing Sector is a version of the system intended for manufacturing plants, such as chemical plants, steel mills, sewage treatment plants and food industry plants.
TSCom BS Business Sector was designed as a safety system for high-value facilities. It is dedicated to plants, such as ICT exchanges, distribution centres, logistics warehouses.
Benefits of TSCom®
  • The system provides daily review of the plant safety history.
  • It shows the current state of the safety of the plant and its components in a visual form.
  • Immediate notification of current alarms and any damages in safety systems.
  • The activation of an alarm or a message requires the operator’s response.
  • Each alarm incident may be accompanied by a comment.
  • Data on alarm incidents are recorded in the system.
  • By selecting a section of the installation, you can view detailed information on each device or system and download relevant technical documentation.

The TSCom® system provides for the integration of safety-related systems.


Integration of safety systems: operation visualization, display of alarms and failures in real time.
Support of actuators control, including suppression, ventilation, interlocking and shut‑off systems.
Reduced failure risk, cyclical reporting on the current state of the facility safety.
24/7 availability of all safety systems through automatic diagnostics and control of equipment.
Effective management of systems service inspections, calibrations and testing of equipment, service logs and calendars.
Extinguishing media management, equipment records, monitoring of water and other agents availability.
System architecture
Key foundations of the system:
  • Stability and reliability
  • Ergonomic use
  • Data safety
  • Modularity
  • Scalability
  • Network access

Monitoring and control

An operator of the system has maximum control and monitoring capabilities, both in terms of the current state of the plant, as well as any devices.

Comprehensive safety system
The TSCom® mobile app gives you remote access to the system using a tablet

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