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Detection and recording of leaks in facilities

Optimizing production processes by detecting and removing leaks is a primary task of maintenance services at any plant. Leaks are a waste of valuable resources (often very limited), money and, above all, a huge threat to people and property. Most often, what is dangerous to the environment is invisible to the human eye. With complex installations, the risk of spontaneous and undetected leakages is high. As industrialization progresses, this risk increases (we produce more, more precise, with a precise proportion calculation - any imbalance costs money). Technology and the latest engineering achievements come to the rescue, which in the last decade have significantly reduced the time spent on prevention.


Hundreds of delivered solutions for 30 years of presence on the market, experience of our technical teams, engineering knowledge - both substantive and practical - all this allowed us to create a package of services in the field of leak detection at installations in your plant.


Our team offers a full service - from identifying the user's needs through auditing (also online), measurements, security verification and the final report with an indication of the necessary corrective actions.


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Detection of leaks of all gases under pressure (H2, O2, N, CH4, CO2, AR and others) with the ultrasonic camera Ultra PRO by Distran

The camera detects leakage with 124 microphones - an innovative solution for real-time imaging. The Ultra Pro X is the only camera in the world designed to work in hazardous areas (Ex). Detects leaks of, among others, HYDROGEN, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, methane as well as compressed air or vacuum

Detection of volatile organic compounds with the EyeCGas® camera using the optical gas imaging - OGI method

We see what is invisible - for a clean environment! The service of detecting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) using the OPGAL camera is the simplest measurement method, compliant with LDAR! The camera works in the most difficult conditions, it is also designed to work in the potentially explosive atmosphere (Ex)