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XXI Konferencję Strefy Ex „Bezpieczeństwo, Jakość, Efektywność”

XXIst Ex Zones Conference 1-2 April 2020, Sopot „SAFETY, QUALITY, EFFICIENCY”

XXIst Ex Zones Conference 1-2 April 2020, Sopot „SAFETY, QUALITY, EFFICIENCY”

XXI Konferencję Strefy Ex „Bezpieczeństwo, Jakość, Efektywność”

Dear Sir or Madame,

We have a great honor to invite you to the XXIst Ex Zones Conference “Safety, Quality, Efficiency”, which will be held from 1-2 April 2020 in Sopot. This year`s edition will give an opportunity to join lectures, where issues related with industrial safety including national energy safety will be discussed.    

Moreover we`ll raise such recently urgenttopic of broadly understood power quality and energy efficiency in terms of national and global trends and standards.

Appearance on the Conference has already been confirmed, among others, by Prof. Dr.-Ing Arnhold Thorsten from IECEx, Prof. Dr.-Ing Zbigniew Hanzelka from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Dr. Michał Górny and Dr.-Ing Andrzej Tyszecki.

After the lectures on the first day, we would like to invite You to the panel discussion, with an opportunity to active participation and exchange of experiences.

Traditionally, the conference program will be complemented by trainings of the ASE Safety Academy. In the upcoming edition we are pleased to invite you to trainings:

  •          Maintenance of explosion-proof equipment in gas and dust explosive atmospheres
  •          Intelligent systems improving the parameters of power quality, enabling savings in energy consumption


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See you at the Conference !